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IPS Business Coaching is about helping your business get to where you want it to be as quickly as you want it to get there – and all on your own terms.

Many SME owners and managers; often by necessity rather than choice, spend most of their time working in the business rather than on their business, frequently without a work partner to confidentially discuss their business issues.

Working with IPS Business Coaching means addressing any issues which might have been playing on your mind for weeks, months and even years, and coming up with the best ways to iron them out.

It’s your business so you won’t ever be told what to do – that’s a promise – but whatever aspect you want to focus on, you will be asked thought-provoking questions leading to the right goals to best take your business forward.

From a new business owner looking to grow to veterans considering an exit (and everything in between!), I will help you find the areas you might have been ignoring or may not have thought about, unlock any issues that may have been hiding under the surface and help you reach a conclusion within whatever timescale is right and achievable for you.

You can email me on or by using the form below. Alternatively, I can be reached on 07504 503 732.

Helicopter: IPS Business Coaching is all about taking the helicopter view

What is IPS Business Coaching? It's
about taking the helicopter view.

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